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All of our handcrafted coffees are ethically sourced, smooth,
bitterness free, low acid & always made per order.

Brazilian Conquista (Micro-lot)
Colombian Decaf
Espresso Forte Blend
Guatemalan Finca (Strictly High Grown, Micro-lot)
Honduras (Strictly High Grown)
French Roast
Mexican Altura
Costa Rican
House Blend
Honduras Fancy Finca (Strictly Hard Bean)
Italian Dark Roast

Made per order, smooth, flavorful

Costa Rican Fair Trade Organic
French Roast Fair Trade Organic
Mexican Oaxaca Organic
Peru Organic

Made per order, smooth, flavorful

Passion Fruit Black Iced Tea
Argentine Black Iced Tea
Tropical Mango Green Tea
Green Iced Tea


Our Coffee Roasting chart

To achieve the ultimate roasts from the Arabica beans, we rely our experience and proprietary custom build roasting equipment . It starts by weighing and blending green coffee beans and moving into a hopper, than roasting drum, and so on. After 4-7 minutes, the beans turn yellow, indicating a loss of moisture, then it starts to make cracking sounds, in fact, popping open and doubling in size.

Since each country of origin requires a different roast time, rapid samples are frequently taken from the roaster during the roasting process, so we use smell and tester look to determine when the desired roast has been achieved. As the beans reach wanted color and roasting profile, they are rapidly released into a cooling tray where the roasting process is stopped with large forced air cooling

LIGHT ROAST Light brown in coffee bean color, it’s the mildest roast, develops mild taste profile.
MEDIUM LIGHT ROAST Light brown in coffee bean color, it’s the mildest roast, develops mild taste profile.
MEDIUM ROAST This roasting degree makes full flavor , full body and this is our most recommended taste profile.
MEDIUM DARK ROAST Medium dark roast brings some of the natural oil spots in the coffee beans producing a richer coffee taste flavor.
DARK ROAST This roast brings enteric natural oils out to the surface of coffee beans, and beans are oily and shiny . Taste profile is full-bodied that has low acidity and a sweet flavor without bitterness.