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Our Coffee is Low Acid and bitterness free

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We are a family owned coffee shop in
Chandler Arizona

We are a family owned coffee roaster and caffe that was established in 1989, located in Chandler, Arizona. All of the green coffees we purchase are ethically sourced from family owned lots. We only buy coffee that is fair trade to ensure that the people involved in production are treated and compensated fairly. We have a proprietary roasting process with 9 filtration systems, thus making our coffee low acid and bitterness free. We specialize in private label. We are a one stop shop for all your coffee needs, from labeling, roasting and packaging.

We are a roaster first and a coffee shop second. Please know we are a European Caffe with traditional drinks. We make our drinks without syrups, using natural ingredients only. Our drinks are served in traditional espresso and cappuccino cups. We are a laptop free caffe. We want to bring back the social aspect and create a relaxing space where you can enjoy a moment to yourself or spend time with friends. Bring a book or notepad and get a free macaroon. We bake our own pastries and make food per order. We want everyone to feel welcomed and part of the family.


(480) 948-8501