Explore our diverse range
of blend options below

All of our handcrafted coffees are ethically sourced, smooth,
bitterness free, low acid & always made per order.

Brazilian Conquista (Micro-lot)
Colombian Decaf
Espresso Forte Blend
Guatemalan Finca (Strictly High Grown, Micro-lot)
Honduras (Strictly High Grown)
French Roast
Mexican Altura
Costa Rican
House Blend
Honduras Fancy Finca (Strictly Hard Bean)
Italian Dark Roast

Made per order, smooth, flavorful

Costa Rican Fair Trade Organic
French Roast Fair Trade Organic
Mexican Oaxaca Organic
Peru Organic

Made per order, smooth, flavorful

Passion Fruit Black Iced Tea
Argentine Black Iced Tea
Tropical Mango Green Tea
Green Iced Tea